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Download the application below.

Click Link Above


Thank you for you interest in the the 11th Annual Knoxville Tattoo Convention taking place for August 16-18, 2024. Here are some of the guidelines that we will factor in when processing applications. 

* All Artists and Vendors must be approved prior to being assigned a booth. A portfolio must be submitted via website, Facebook, Instagram and etc. If your portfolio cannot be easily viewed due to privacy settings, your application will not be considered. 

*If you attended one of our shows in the past we will still need and application. Attendance in the past does NOT guarantee your spot for current or future shows.

*Only applications from licensed, professional artists will be considered...NO EXCEPTIONS! 

*Anyone who misrepresents themselves will not be allowed to attend.

*We are limiting the amount of similar business vendors to ensure equal opportunity, as well as two body piercers.

*Knoxville and Knoxville area tattoo studios and artists will be limited to ensure that traveling artists will be accommodated. This will also give the general public the chance to meet and be tattooed/pierced by other talented artists they would normally not have the chance to.

*Attending Artists and Vendors will be listed on the website, Facebook page www.facebook.com/knoxvilletattooconvention , and Instagram page www.instagram.com/knoxvilletattooconvention . As applications are approved and payments are made, please keep a lookout for changes being made.

*Payment is required in full upon approval of application. Application approval does NOT ensure your booth. Booths will NOT be held


*You are responsible for booking your own room within the dates posted for the discounted rate.

*For specific questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to info@LivingArtsEXPO.com or call 865-208-1623​. 

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